Baking Liner


PTFE baking liner for cookie sheets, bread pans and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Reusable and reduces need for butter or grease
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA compliant
  • Made in the USA




16.25” x 11.625”
9” x 13”
18” x 26”
Other Sizes Available

Metric Size

41,28 x 29,53 cm
22,86 x 33,02 cm
45,72 x 66,04 cm



Where to Buy

The DuraChef® Advantage

DuraChef® products are specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous environment of the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) and Restaurant industry.

These products are manufactured from PTFE and Silicone coated woven fiberglass substrates, utilizing AFC’s proprietary coating formulations. Our DuraChef® materials are designed to be non-stick, offer excellent release and are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals. They are easily cleaned and maintained making them ideal for food service settings.

AFC is a global supplier who designs, manufactures and fabricates all products in the USA.

AFC’s DuraChef® baking and cooking sheets are designed to make any baking sheet or pan non-stick. They are manufactured utilizing AFC’s proprietary coating formulations. Liners are grease and oil resistant and have superior temperature resistance allowing them to be used over and over. They are available in any size required and reversible. Liners are available in black/silver, tan and black.


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