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Clamshell grill release sheets can be custom sized to meet your specifications. Contact us for more information.

Features and Benefits

  • Nonstick release
  • FDA compliant
  • Made in the USA

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The DuraChef® Advantage

DuraChef® products are specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous environment of the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) and Restaurant industry.

These products are manufactured from PTFE and Silicone coated woven fiberglass substrates, utilizing AFC’s proprietary coating formulations. Our DuraChef® materials are designed to be non-stick, offer excellent release and are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals. They are easily cleaned and maintained making them ideal for food service settings.

AFC is a global supplier who designs, manufactures and fabricates all products in the USA.

AFC’s DuraChef® high performance fabrics are specifically engineered to maximize application life, while minimizing down time in the most demanding environments. These sheets are manufactured utilizing AFC’s proprietary coating formulations and/or laminating process. DuraChef® sheets are non-stick, offer excellent release and are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals. DuraChef® sheets offer optimum release to prevent buns, hamburgers, chicken patties, cookies, pretzels from sticking. DuraChef® sheets are available in either an extremely smooth surface for maximum release or a texturized finish for a mechanical release. DuraChef® sheets are more abrasion resistant and maintain their low coefficient of friction even after prolonged service. DuraChef® sheets are excellent for use in the most challenging applications, such as food processing, baking sheets, oven liners, clam shell grill sheets, toaster sheets, as well as many other applications. DuraChef® sheets have been designed to out perform and out last all competitive products. DuraChef® sheets are easily cleaned and maintained for prolonged usage.


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