AFC Announces Release of DuraChef® Retail

September 23, 2015

Advanced Flexible Composites, Inc. (AFC) is excited to announce that DuraChef® products will now be distributed in retail stores domestically and internationally. DuraChef® Retail will offer multiple products for different cooking applications that will make healthier eating easier than ever. DuraChef® brings the products and experience gained from years of service in the quick service restaurant industry to your in-home kitchen. These flexible, non-stick products are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of all kinds of cooking, all while allowing you to prepare food without the need for butter, oil, and grease. These products are easy to clean, reusable, and non-toxic and 100% PFOA free.

Kevin Dunlea, Global Sales Manager of DuraChef®, commented, “We’ve built our brand image from our successes in the food service industry. We understand our non-stick products are the perfect addition for the average consumer’s in-home use. We’re excited for our global launch of DuraChef® Retail.”

DuraChef® is part of the Food Product Group at Advanced Flexible Composites (AFC) — a global solutions provider of durable, high performance composites. AFC’s innovative flexible, non-stick materials are tailored to meet our customers’ demanding requirements. AFC differentiates itself by providing breakthrough technologies that result in significant value to our customers. AFC backs these products with superior technical support and industry-leading customer service. AFC’s rapid growth and industry-wide reputation can be tied to its core principles: Innovation, Quality, and Service. These principles guide its everyday activities and have been instrumental to our success.

For further information, contact Ismael Salomon, Marketing Manager at (800) 334-9372.


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