Chef Pack Introduces Ready Meals

October 23, 2017

Ready Meals

Fresh, Fast, and Functional

Introducing Chef Pack® Ready Meals: your food packaging solution. 

Ready Meals are designed to withstand the most demanding accelerated oven conditions, along with protecting the health of consumers and the environment.

  • Suitable for accelerated cook, combi, conveyor, convection, and microwave ovens up to 520 °F
  • Design allows for superior heat circulation and retention
  • Product remains sealed for entire life cycle (co-packer to oven)
  • Made with 100% recyclable and compostable materials
  • Reduces consumables cost
  • Custom designs and branding

For more information, please visit www.chef-pack.com, or contact Chef Pack General Manager Kevin Dunlea at kdunlea@chef-pack.com. 


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