AFC Introduces DuraChef® grabNglide

October 16, 2012

Advanced Flexible Composites, Inc. (AFC) has introduced its new DuraChef® grabNglide™ fabric. One side of grabNglide™ is a nonslip silicone coating and the other side is a PTFE nonstick surface. This unique blend makes DuraChef® grabNglide™ ideal as a bakeware liner, microwave oven liner, release sheets, belting fabric, diaphragms, gasket material, or simply to use to protect countertop surfaces when working with sticky materials. DuraChef® grabNglide™ is FDA compliant so you can bake or cook directly on either surface. DuraChef® grabNglide™ is available in full width of 50”, slit to width or in sheets.

Michael Baker, AFC’s Director of Marketing & QSR Manager states, “DuraChef® grabNglide™ is a proprietary formulation of PTFE coating with silicone rubber on one side. This exceptional combination provides grabNglide™ with the flexibility to be used in industrial applications or in our QSR marketplace. Since our grabNglide™ is reusable and requires no grease, shortenings or butter to cook with it is conforming to the foodservice initiatives of being environmentally green and healthy. Whether you’re using it in the factory, at home or in a restaurant kitchen, grabNglide™ is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store.”

Founded in 1988, AFC, a family owned and operated company, is a world leader in the manufacture of high-performance coated fabrics. AFC sells its products through distributors and OEMs under the trade names DuraFab®, DuraFlow®, DuraSil®, DuraStick®, DuraLam® and DuraChef™. The company designs and manufactures PTFE and silicone coated fabrics and belting, along with an extensive line of pressure sensitive tapes, for use in diverse applications. Typical applications for its products are found in industries such as, Quick Service Restaurant, food service, aerospace, flexible packaging, screen printing, textile, polymer manufacturing, food processing, chemical, electronics and communications.

For further information, contact Michael Baker, Director of Marketing at (800) 334-9372.


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