AFC Introduces New DuraChef® Wave Tray

February 22, 2015

Advanced Flexible Composites, Inc. (AFC) introduces a new PTFE oven mesh cooking wave tray. This high temperature non-stick mesh wave tray is ideal for holding food in place and can be used in cooking taquitos, hot dogs, egg rolls, hash browns, potato wedges, breadsticks as well as many other foods. This mesh wave tray can be used in accelerated cook, microwave, commercial and residential ovens and dissipates heat quickly for safer food handling. The open-mesh style design allows air to flow freely through it for even heat distribution, which produces better cooking results. Food can be easily removed from the wave tray without sticking. The mesh wave tray can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth and stored flat.

Kevin Dunlea, Global Technical Sales Manager for AFC’s DuraChef® Business Unit commented, “As cooking technology continues its advancement towards high temperature requirements, our reusable DuraChef® products are designed to support the consumable demands necessary to produce high quality food that is advantageous over competitive products.”

Founded in 1988, AFC, a family-owned and operated company, is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-performance coated and laminated fabrics. AFC sells its products through distributors and OEMs under the trade names DuraFab®, DuraFlow®, DuraSil®, DuraStick®, DuraLam® and DuraChef®. The company designs and manufactures PTFE and silicone coated fabrics and belting, along with an extensive line of pressure sensitive tapes, for use in diverse applications. Typical applications for its products are found in industries such as, aerospace, flexible packaging, screen printing, textile, polymer manufacturing, food processing, chemical, electronics and communications.

For further information, contact Kevin Dunlea, Global Technical Sales Manager for AFC’s DuraChef® Business Unit at (800) 334-9372.


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