AFC & Policarta Announce the Formation of No Waste Technology

September 12, 2016

Lake in the Hills - September 12th, 2016  - AFC and Policarta have announced the formation of No Waste Technology (NoW™ Technology), a new joint venture that has developed a revolutionary process that makes coated and laminated papers 100% recyclable and sustainable. No Waste Technology's proprietary process enables your packaging and paper based products to be 100% renewable, reducing your overall environmental footprint and strengthening sustainability initiatives. The NoW™ Technology process allows the coating or lamination of paper substrates with polymers or biopolymers, while enabling the paper fibers to be separated from the coating or the laminated layer in the recycling process. Once recycled, these paper fibers can be renewed and given the chance to be used again.

Chris Lewis, President of Advanced Flexible Composites and Managing Partner of NoW™ Technology, commented, "While many products boast of recyclable materials, they still find their end of life in a landfill. There has been confusion around the recyclability of coated and laminated paper-based products, and the fact is once the paper is laminated, its fibers can no longer be recycled. NoW™ Technology addresses the recyclability issue by creating the final link in the circle to make true sustainability possible. We did our research, and NoW™ Technology is a one-of-a-kind innovation that offers this high level of sustainability for coated and laminated papers. The applications for this technology are limitless and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for the company."

AFC is a global solutions provider of durable, high-performance composites. Founded in 1987, AFC has been providing industries around the world with cost effective solutions to help its business partners keep production moving. Policarta, AFC's business partner, is based in Italy and owns 33 international patents, testifying to their ability to innovate. Policarta has won many international awards for innovative packaging, including various awards for sustainable packaging.

For more information, contact Kevin Dunlea, National Sales Manager of No Waste Technology, at 800-334-9372 or by email at kdunlea@nowastetechnology.com


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